How to use a digital heating oil monitor

You may or may not have a digital monitor to help keep an eye on your heating oil levels.

This useful TOP TIPS guide provides all the advice you’ll need, from how to manage and use your digital monitor, which type of digital monitor to choose, where to locate it as well as handy guidance on how to ensure you always have sufficient heating oil in your tank.

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Having a monitor helps to ensure that you don’t run out of heating oil

Apart from monitoring the level of the heating oil in your tank, the correct type of monitor will also help you to understand your usage and heating habits. It may assist you to save money.

Choosing a digital heating oil monitor

There are different levels and types of monitors to suit your requirements and budget. 

More basic systems will provide a simple fuel level display whilst more intelligent systems can measure oil consumption on a daily basis – some even include an alarm and can be monitored on a smartphone or tablet.

How does a digital monitor work?

A digital monitor consists of two parts. A measuring probe that sits in the tank, this then transmits to a receiver (the monitor) in the house.

The digital monitor plugs into an electric socket inside the house, allowing you to read the level on the display.

Examples of digital heating oil monitors include those from trusted brands such as Apollo or Watchman.

Where to position your digital monitor

Make it easy to check the monitor – position it somewhere in the house that is easy to access and see. Do not plug into sockets at ground level, near heat or next to a microwave.

Fitting a digital monitor

It is advisable to get your digital monitor fitted by a qualified professional. It must be calibrated correctly, to ensure it records the oil level accurately.

Please do not adjust the gauge’s calibration once fitted, this should only be undertaken by a qualified technician.

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Checking your digital monitor

By checking the monitor regularly, you will get a better understanding of the relationship between your usage and the monitor display, this might also enable you to forecast your heating oil requirement.

Re-ordering your heating oil

The ideal time to re-order is when the digital monitor is at level 2.

Buy your heating oil in summer or early autumn before the winter rush.

This will also help you to avoid an emergency delivery in the event of bad winter weather.

Our Price Promise - Our aim is to keep prices consistently competitive, never inflating during difficult times or when customers order at short-notice.


It's worth monitoring the monitor

Keep a look out for changes in levels and any symbols that may appear. The associated probe in the tank works on batteries and these should be checked during your annual oil tank service.

Never turn off the monitor!

If the monitor does get turned off, for example in the event of an electricity power cut, it’s worth noting it can take some time to re-engage.  During this re-engagement the gauge may display various symbols and the level may move up and down.

When you move to a new house

A monitor cannot be taken to another property. Once fitted and calibrated, a digital monitor is specific to its ‘partner’ gauge and tank only.

Advice & Support

If you need any more advice or are wondering which digital monitor to choose just call Kettlewell Fuels on 01765 640682 or email and we can arrange fitting and servicing through our specialist oil tank partner.

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Our Price Promise

Our aim is to

Keep prices consistently competitive, never inflating during difficult times or when customers order at short-notice.

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