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We're here to help you manage and maintain your oil tank all-year-round

Keeping your oil tank in tip-top condition means you'll receive seamless deliveries and maximise your tank's lifespan.

As a member of the UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA), we follow the organisation’s best practice recommendations with regard to tank maintenance and safety. 

This means if your tank does not meet the required standards, we are unable to provide you with your fuel oil delivery. You can find out more here.

Helping to support you with your all-important tank maintenance, each time our highly trained drivers deliver they:

  • undertake a delivery and tank assessment
  • check for access and tank condition 
  • review the valve, gauge, vent and labelling
  • ensure your tank meets oil storage guidelines

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Get a FREE Tank Inspection

Our expert oil tank partner offers a FREE tank inspection.

To arrange an appointment please contact the Kettlewell Fuels team on 01765 640682 or 01765 641139 or sales@kettlewellfuels.co.uk

Good basic knowledge can go a long way to ensuring your oil system runs smoothly and cost-effectively

Check your tank monthly

At least once a month or before you place an order, take a look at your tank, its gauge and any visible pipework to make sure there isn’t any damage or leaks. Checking the valves and filters will help to spot signs such as dampness or staining, particularly around any joints.

For plastic tanks, inspect for whitening, cracking and splits or any bulging or warping.

On metal tanks, look for signs of rust, pitting or blistering of paint and for any oil staining or dampness on seams and welds.

Kettlewell Fuels oil check

Check your oil level

Keep approximately 12 inches of oil in the bottom of your tank. If you allow your tank to run too low, you run the risk of disrupting the sediment that settles at the tank's base. This can clog up your supply pipe and lead to costly repairs. Click here to watch our How to Measure Your Oil video

Check the tank’s base and support

Cracks can occur or even subsidence so check the base of your tank and any supporting structures for signs of failure.

Assess your tank’s bunding

Clear any rubbish away from, or out of, your tanks secondary containment or bunding and search for liquid too.

Keep access to your tank clear

Keep your tank clear of any overgrown plants or vegetation that may hide or interfere with the condition of your tank. If there are plants nearby see if any are dying – it could be a sign there’s a leak. 

Kettlewell Fuels Leak

Look out for leaks

Check your tank, pipes and other equipment for leaks, damage and interference. Any problems should be fixed as soon as possible by an (OFTEC) technician.

Make sure your tank’s gauge is working

Your oil tank should have a contents gauge, ensure it is working and if it has a valve make sure it’s closed. If you use a digital monitor or would like to know more about digital mentors, please click here to see our Digital Monitor TOP TIPS


Kettlewell Fuels Stay Secure

Stay secure

Although oil theft is rare, please check your oil tank is as secure as possible. Measures you can take include installing a tank lock, an alarm that goes off if your tank leaks, CCTV and security lights.

Kettlewell Fuels Tank service

Arrange an annual boiler and tank service

Arrange for the boiler and tank to be serviced at least once a year by an (OFTEC) technician to ensure they are running efficiently. This should also include any underground pipework. Think about doing this in the summer months so any maintenance issues can be sorted for when you need your heating most.

Kettlewell Fuels Certificate

Check your insurance is up-to-date

Make sure that your insurance policy covers your oil tank - most home insurance policies do not include this in the standard cover. You need to be covered for loss of fuel through theft and oil spills.

Book an OFTEC annual check

The Environment Agency and the UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) recommend that your oil tank should be inspected annually as part of your heating system’s regular service visit. 

An OFTEC registered technician can advise you on when you should consider replacing your tank.

For additional information, please download the UKIFDA Your Home - Your Oil Tank guide.

UKIFDA's Your Home - Your Oil Tank guide

Help and advice to help you manage your oil tank

Download Here

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