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Kettlewell Fuels Dipstick

Stay warm. Check your stock of oil.

Reduce your stress levels by checking your tank’s oil level.

Don’t let it fall below approximately 12 inches of oil.

If you think you need to order just call us on 01765 640682 or 01765 641139 or email

Click here to find out how to check your tank’s oil level


Kettlewell Fuels Leak

It’s cold out there! Look out for leaks.

Check your tank, pipes and other equipment for leaks, damage and interference. Any problems should be fixed as soon as possible by an (OFTEC) technician. 

Also, did you know that our expert oil tank partner, Northern Tanks, offers a FREE tank inspection?
To arrange an appointment please contact Kettlewell Fuels on 01765 640682 or 01765 641139 


Kettlewell Fuels Security

Stay secure – especially if you’re away.

Make sure your oil tank is as secure as possible.

Although oil theft is rare, there are measures you can take including installing a tank lock, CCTV and security lights.


Kettlewell Fuels Certificate

Check your insurance is up-to-date.

Make sure that your insurance policy covers your oil tank - most home insurance policies do not include this in the standard cover.

You need to be covered for loss of fuel through theft and oil spills.


Kettlewell Fuels Oil leak

If your tank does have an oil leak

Don’t ignore it!

Simply call the National Pollution Hotline on 0800 807060 immediately, the lines are open 24 hours a day.

You can stop the oil running intro drains by using absorbent materials or soil.

Remember it is important not to wash oil down drains with water and never use detergents.

Click here to download our How to look after your oil tank leaflet

Going the extra mile for our customers is important to us, and so each time our highly trained drivers deliver they undertake a delivery assessment - it's part of the service

Checking the access to your tank, the driver will also assess your tank condition for holes, cracks, rusting and deterioration. Also making sure the tank is bunded if required, inspecting the supports are suitable and stable, and the standing is sound. The valve, gauge, vent and labelling are similarly examined to ensure they meet requirements.

Need to know about our services?  Please call our experienced team on 01765 640682 or 01765 641139 or email

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