Average annual heating oil cost drops even further

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The latest energy price figures released from Sutherland Tables show that yet again the annual cost of using heating oil to heat your home has dropped, which is great news for Kettlewell Fuels' customers.

This quarter's heating fuel comparison from Sutherland Tables, dated July 2019 shows that the average annual cost of heating a three-bedroom home in Great Britain with heating oil is now £1,098 per year. This makes it the second cheapest way to heat your home over gas at £1,049, and much cheaper than electric storage heaters at £2,131 per annum.

Janet Kettlewell is pleased with the latest findings: "It's always good to be able to report back positive news to our customers. Keeping prices consistently competitive is an important part of our ethos and our Price Promise demonstrates this."

With summer on its way out soon, now is a great time to check your tank, book your services and get any tanks maintenance done. See our full range of TOP TIPS here.

Source: UKIFDA

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