Monitor and Fill

Never run out of heating oil again!

Get Connected

Using the Kettlewell Fuels Monitor & Fill service we will monitor your heating oil level, so you don’t have to.  

How it Works

An OFTEC engineer will install a tank sensor and connect it to your internet.

Our specialist team will monitor your heating oil level and arrange for a delivery when your tank reaches 30% capacity.

Keeping you informed, we will contact you beforehand to make the delivery arrangements and take your heating oil payment, unless you are a Seamless Fuel Payment Plan customer.

Stay Connected

You can monitor your heating oil too with our Monitor & Fill smartphone and tablet app.

  • Monitor your heating oil level

  • Review your heating oil usage history and consumption

  • Receive notifications and alerts

Easy Management

  • With a Monitor & Fill account you can manage multiple tanks - Ideal if you own or manage various properties

  • Assist with and monitor a relative or friend's tank
  • Provides a simple solution for carers

Why choose the Kettlewell Fuels Monitor & Fill Service?

Never run out of heating oil and there's no need to call and book a heating oil delivery

  • Saves going outside to check your tank's fuel level in winter

  • Alerts to the mobile app and to Kettlewell Fuels if there is a sudden drop in heating oil - for example, due to theft or leakage

  • Manage multiple tanks

  • Kettlewell Fuels Seamless Payment plan available

  • Specialist Kettlewell Fuels team available to provide assistance


Make a one-off payment of £225.00*

  • This payment includes the Sensit equipment – a tank sensor, a transmitter and internet dongle, and installation by an OFTEC Engineer.


An annual management charge of £30.00*

  • This annual charge covers the monitoring services provided by Kettlewell Fuels.

* Includes VAT

Become a Kettlewell Fuels Monitor & Fill customer today

Call 01765 640682 or email


Who owns the sensor?

Your payment of £225.00 means you own the monitoring equipment installed at your property.

Can I take the sensor with me to a new house?

Afraid not, as it is set to work specifically with the tank and the property.

What happens if the monitor stops working?

Please check that the home transmitter and internet dongle are plugged in and that the electricity is on. If all is correct and your monitor is still not working, please contact Kettlewell Fuels customer service team 01765 640682.

What happens when I need a new tank?

Please contact Kettlewell Fuels customer service team 01765 640682 to discuss your options. Many of the latest tanks have fuel-monitoring equipment included in the construction of the tank.

Please contact us to find out more about Monitor & Fill

Call 01765 640682



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