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We always do everything we can to deliver your fuel in a safe and timely manner and it's our delivery drivers who are the real champions.

Kettlewell Fuels Truck Yorkshire

With a combined service of over 60 years, our Kettlewell Fuels' drivers are all local to the area, trusted in the communities we serve and experts when it comes to navigating North Yorkshire, its changeable weather conditions and what can be challenging terrain.

With the longest serving team member Neil a familiar face in the Vale of York villages, the experienced Kettlewell Fuels’ team includes Tony, Alan, Paul and Kevan. The most recent addition is Jonny who often drives the Nidderdale route.

All of the team are highly-trained ADR tanker drivers and, as part of the service we offer, will undertake a delivery assessment each time they visit you.

This involves visually checking:

  • Tank access
  • Tank condition for holes, cracks, rusting and deterioration
  • Supports and standing for soundness
  • Valve, gauge, vent and labelling

Versatile fleet - reliable delivery

Our versatile delivery fleet handles the demands of both the busy market towns and more rural terrain with ease. From tankers to baby four-wheelers, no matter where oil tanks are sited - limited access is rarely an issue.

Kettlwell Fuels DeliveryKettlewell Fuels DeliveryKettlewell Fuels Truck

Keeping the Kettlewell Fuels fleet on the road, sister company Kettlewell Commercials maintains all our vehicles ensuring we're always operational. And, with our fuel stored on-site, drivers ensure tankers are fully loaded and ready for the delivery, with each tanker containing three sections allowing various fuels to be carried to maximise our delivery routes.

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