Still one of the cheaper off grid fuel options

With winter on its way, we’re pleased to report that heating oil is still one of the cheapest off grid ways to heat your home.

Recognised independent source of comparative UK domestic heating prices, Sutherland Tables, issued its quarterly update in July 2018 showing that the annual cost of heating a typical three bedroom home on oil, using a condensing boiler is now £1,171 per annum– still considerably cheaper than any renewable options.

For example, if you’re running an air source heat pump through a radiator system it will be costing a comparative £1,909 and for wood pellets, £1,595.

Commenting on these latest findings, Janet Kettlewell said: "It’s great to hear heating oil remains competitive and we are urging our customers to order their Domestic Heating Oil (Kerosene) for the winter months in plenty of time. 

"We had some fantastic customer feedback last winter despite the horrendous weather conditions. However, as ever, it's best to avoid emergency situations if at all possible.

“Here at Kettlewell Fuels, we aim to keep prices consistently competitive - never inflating during difficult times or when customers order at short-notice.

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Our aim is to

Keep prices consistently competitive, never inflating during difficult times or when customers order at short-notice.

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