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There’s a definite nip in the air and now’s the time of year when many oil suppliers will be reporting it’s going to be one of the coldest winters on record!

Here at Kettlewell Fuels we don’t want to panic you, rather offer a calm reminder that the cooler months are on the way – let’s face it emergency oil situations can prove challenging!

With the winter months being the busiest for fuel oil companies, checking your oil levels will help you manage your heating oil, avoid running out and the costly damage it can cause to your boiler. We recommend you order when your tank level reaches the last 12 inches (approx. 30cm).

If you are not sure how to measure your heating oil level, find out how in our Top Tips - How to Measure Your Oil.



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If you know you need to place your order now to ensure you are ready for winter call us on 01765 640682 or click here to place your order.

FREE Tank Inspection



Our expert oil tank partner, Northern Tank Services, offers a FREE tank inspection.

To arrange an appointment please contact the Kettlewell Fuels team on 01765 640682 or 01765 641139 or sales@kettlewellfuels.co.uk


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